Reinstate Suspended License in New York

The New York DMV takes traffic violations very seriously, and they will suspend your driver's license if you do not obey the rules of the road. When you commit a vehicular infraction of any kind, then you will most likely receive points on your license. New York's points system is very detailed. You can find all of the exact data and how it applies to each infraction here:

If you reach 11 points on your New York driver's license, then it will be suspended, or even revoked depending on the situation. These points must be accumulated over an 18-month period. You can reduce the points on your New York driver's license by taking a Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP.) Taking this course will help:

  • Reduce the points on your New York driver's license by up to four points
  • Help save up to 10 percent on your insurance premium.

You can find out more information regarding these programs by visiting the following link: Overall, safe driving is incredibly important to navigating the streets of New York without tragedy occurring. Keep focusing on the rules of the road, and your New York driver's license will never be suspended.